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A Live Online Course On "Natural Expression Technology"

July 11th - August 8th

No one who screws over themselves can be trusted. The universe knows it and responds accordingly. 

After all, if you’ll mess over yourself, then what’s to stop you from screwing over anyone else?

We fuck over ourselves every time we show up inauthentic to anything. 

Every time we swallow our truth to make others feel more comfortable and every time, we compromise our integrity to fit in.

We fuck over ourselves and yes, we’ve become quite good at it.

When we fuck over ourselves it cracks the foundation of our lives, robbing our communication of its power.

It weakens it, diluting the magic in our natural expression. Before too long our communication becomes sickened.

The messages we convey do not accurately represent what we desire to experience.

Our own words no longer work for us. They work against us.

This is the problem!

I know it, but only because I too once suffered from the same problem.

It was my deepest darkest secret. 

The last thing I wanted anyone else to know was that I was fucking over myself while blaming it on other people.

This was what I was secretly feeling... (Have you ever felt this way?)

  • Life is always going to be hard.
  • I'm never going to win, no matter how hard I try.
  • Someone else will always get the best of me.
  • There's nothing special about me.
  • No one will ever love me for me.
  • My successes were always short lived.
  • I am not being heard.
  • I am insignificant in the "grand scheme of things"

My suffering continued until I discovered Natural Expression Technology (NET) and began doing my own NET work.

It instantly brought healing to my communication and this was the moment that when everything finally started to change.

I experienced a profound restoration of the power of my communication.

After uncovering my NET and applying it to every aspect of my life, everything shifted. 

I selected myself -- and then learned how to harness the force of my own nature to win.

And that’s what I want to help do for you, show you how to harness the force of your nature to win.

Once I did, this is what I immediately started to experience...

  • Always being heard.
  • A definite increase in the bandwidth of my desires.
  • Broadcasting my message louder and reaching more people.
  • The integrity to attract whatever support I needed to win.
  • Being able to naturally inspire others to do me favors.
  • Attracting what I truly desired
  • Giving more gifts and receiving even more.

What is Natural Expression Technology (NET)?

NET is a numbers game

At the moment of your conception you jumped through the Cosmic portal to land on the other side.

You were 100% spirit then and totally on your own side. No aspect of you was out of alignment with the perfect good for us all.

At that exact moment, the perfect good for us all impressed a destiny upon your Soul.

Your destiny represents a favor you agreed to do for the perfect good of us all.

However, before we're born we enter into a state of "temporary Cosmic amnesia". In other words, we forget who we are and why we’re here.

We’re unable to remember what favor we promised to do.

Your Cosmic numbers are there to help you jog your Cosmic memory, deliver healing to your ailing communication, and remind you of your destiny.

In other words, your Cosmic numbers form your blueprint for living.

NET is how you reveal what your Cosmic numbers are. 

It is for this reason I say, NET is a numbers game.

It’s the numbers game no one taught you how to play. 

In fact, they didn’t just not teach you... they made sure to cast all sort of negative insinuations about the numbers, so you’d never learn to trust your own.

Here’s the deal:

The numbers never lie.

Sure, they can be misinterpreted but they themselves never lie. The world itself is a numbers game.

As far back as we can go, our ancestors have always used their Cosmic numbers to help them remember the great work we promised to do for the perfect good of us all.

When you know and understand what your numbers are, you will see the brilliance in your NET, and you'll learn how to work it.

The real power behind NETworking is in knowing how to work with your numbers.

This NET Course achieves five objectives:

1) Reveal your cosmic numbers

Your Cosmic numbers are staring you right in the face and yet you still don’t see them. They are there to provide you with the clues to uncovering who you really are and why you’re here.

2) Break down the meaning of those numbers

Every number means something different, in and of itself. However, when you integrate those Cosmic numbers together, they unveil a whole new expanded host of meanings and possibilities on the road leading you to your destiny.

3) Show you how to successfully apply your numbers in practical ways 

Knowing what your Cosmic numbers are and how to apply them to get the results you desire is everything. It’s like the pin code to your bank account, knowing what to do with the numbers grants you access to your Cosmic accounts.

4) Heal and restore the power of your communication

We’ve all come into this world to be honest about something. Something that no one else can be honest about quite like us. That honesty activates something special in other Spirit-Beings that no one has the power to bring online, but you. Understanding your Cosmic numbers reveals what that truth is that you’ve come to earth to tell and who you’re going to struggle most to tell it to.

5) Reveal the point of your existence

NET reveals your four Cosmic numbers and what happens when you integrate them into one value, uncovering the point of your destiny.

Course Overview:

The five "NET" conversations:

Conversation 1: A Period of Adjustment

Welcome to our first conversation. In this discussion we will explore the details of the journey we’ve embarked upon together to decode your Cosmic numbers.

Sometimes, when we’re unable to make sense of the puzzle pieces of our lives we can’t help but find ourselves experiencing one extreme after another.

Our lives seesaw up and then down. We want to balance the seesaw, but we don’t know how. NET is where you discover how to balance it.

Think of the area of your life where it’s one extremely after another, as underdeveloped terrain. It’s the place

in your life that you have not fully cultivated out of fear facing what you must face. Here is where all your shadows, spooks, ghosts and monsters reside.

Your greatest potential for growth exists here and sooner or later if you want to expand your territory you will have to bring civilization to your internal jungle.

It’s time for you to move on to the next higher grade in life. The tiny desk you’ve been sitting in has gotten far too small.

You’re looking like an adult sitting in a preschool desk surrounded by preschools kids in class. We’re all students in classrooms of life sitting in some sort of metaphorical desks. 

Imagine that the desk represents a condition or situation we may find ourselves in. Where do you feel like the desk, you’re sitting in is either too big for you or too small?

Conversation 2: The Natural Flow of the river

In this talk you uncover your first Cosmic number - the power source of your NET.

Cosmic number 1 reveals the organic flow of your nature, your inner river.

Like the Hoover dam, most have unconsciously blocked the natural flow of their own water to satisfy other people.

Rather than walk the path of least resistance we’ve convinced ourselves to believe that life is supposed to be difficult.

In fact, we believe to prove our worthiness we must suffer. The source of our suffering are the dams we erect that blocks the flow of our own water.

The path of least resistance is referred to as such not because there are no longer any outside forces opposing you.

It’s called the path of least resistance because the only real force that can oppose you is no longer opposing you.

In other words, you’re not fucking yourself anymore. You are not putting up resistance against yourself.

You’re finally cooperating fully with the essence of the mission of your NET. You learn to see the brilliance in your earthly design, and you surrender to it, rather criticize it with the eyes of other people.

Here is where you uncover the true nature of power, which has almost nothing to do with forcing anyone to do anything, not even yourself.

Think of power as the place in your life where you are no longer getting in your own way, you are once again fully connected.

Power is where you are fully connected.

Conversation 3: the internal jungle

In this chat, you uncover your second Cosmic number - the source of your NET challenge.

Here you take a walk on your wild side to explore what you’re hiding from everyone, even yourself.

Think of your wild side as that area of your life where you repeatedly experience one extreme after another.

It’s your underdeveloped terrain. It’s the place in your life that you have not fully cultivated out of fear facing something from your past. 

Here is where you are likely to get stuck sitting in one of those tiny desks rather than graduate to the next higher grade.

All of your shadows, spooks, ghosts and monsters live here.

Your greatest potential for growth exists in your internal jungle and sooner or later if you want to expand your territory you will have to bring civilization to your internal jungle.

Your second number gives you the intel needed to do just that.

Conversation 4: culture and refinement

In this dialogue you uncover your third Cosmic number - the source of your NET’s Cosmic authority.

On a spiritual level there is something you have already mastered. Like Mozart, you come into this world already a master at something.

This is the area of your NET work where you possess an organic sense of culture and refinement. With this gift you bring civilization to places in people’s lives where civilization doesn’t yet exist.

Think of civilization as a proven system of success that’s been put into a bottle. Here you carry an air about you that everyone seems to recognize and bow to.

You mastered this because you love it. Because you love it, you’ve fined it, sharpened it to perfection.

In other words, this Cosmic number tells us where your inner gifts are, where you are most likely to make your mark in the world.

Your gift or gifts represent things you would do or practice even if no one else paid you a dime to do them.

Knowing what Cosmic number reveals your gift points you in the exact direction of your Cosmic breakthrough.

Conversation 5: the mystery system

In this discussion you will uncover your fourth Cosmic number - the source of the evidence of your NET work.

You are the mystery system of life. That means that inside of each of us there are mysteries waiting to be revealed, even too ourselves.

Even we aren’t always aware of what is inside of us to give birth to, create. What’s inside of you to create is a mystery system.

I remember when I first sat down to author my first book I had absolutely no idea that there was a book inside of me. I was pregnant spiritually and didn’t know it, because I had no one to teach me the signs.

I wasn’t even attempting to write a book at first. I was working to prove a theory that I had about something.

My desire to prove my theory gave birth to a mystery I had solved within myself.

My point is, not even we know what we’re truly capable of giving birth to. We just need to understand how we become spiritually pregnant.

In the end, your fourth number connects you to your third and your third to your second and your second to your first, then all the way to the top of the pyramid, the fifth point, the invisible Cosmic number.

everything you'll get when you enroll in "NET":

how your net works - product image
  • five-weeks of training

NET is a five-week course starting on Saturday, July 11th and ending on Saturday, August 8th. 

  • weekly 2-hour conversations

Students and teacher will meet each week for an intimate, personalized conversation.

Conversations will go from 10am - 12pm PST each Saturday during the five weeks. 

Each sessions will be hosted on Zoom Video Conferencing to create an intimate face to face experience for all our students.

Our conversations will be just that, conversations. Instead of lecturing, we'll all participate in a structured dialogue. 

  • a class size of just 10 students

To keep our conversations intimate, we're only accepting 10 students into NET.

Every participant will receive personal attention in finding and understanding their Cosmic numbers.

  • 1-1 guidance from master teacher "M", Berwick Mahdi Davenport

"M" is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Soul Focused Group, the mastermind behind Soul Focused Psychology and Natural Expression Technology.

He has over 30 years of experience as a social-justice, anti-racist facilitator and life coach.

Through-out the course, "M" will work directly with you on revealing your Cosmic numbers, interpreting them, and implementing them into your daily life. 

  • weekly homework to continue your growth between each session 

You're course doesn't stop after our conversations! 

After each session, we'll send you homework questions to help you bring NET into your daily life and help you continue to NETwork.

Our questions aren't meant to be time-consuming, but thought provoking.

Keep them in your mind during the week and see how the answers come to you.  

Reserve your spot in "NET" today!

Don't wait to learn the secret to unlocking your success.

  • Only 10 spots available! Enrollment is first-come, first-served
  • 2 hour conversations every Saturday at 10 am PST from July 11th - August 8th

A Summary what you'll get with NET:

  • Five 2-hour conversations to uncover and apply your Cosmic numbers.
  • A blueprint for achieving success in every aspect of your life.
  •  Homework assignments and guidance to use in your daily life.

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Reserve your spot in "NET" today!

Don't wait to learn the secret to unlocking your success.

  • Only 10 spots available! Enrollment is first-come, first-served
  • 2 hour conversations every Saturday at 10 am PST from July 11th - August 8th

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